Heirs to the Silver General

The Information is Appreciated

(From the session of April 1st)

To Ragnar Olsson – Chief Officer of the Cheese Makers Guild of Ylir

Dearest Ragnar,

Thank you for your letter, and especially the information regarding Marcel’s father and his business holdings in Karmus. It is good to know that Marcel’s boasts regarding his father’s enterprise are not exaggerated. I must admit, it’s appealing to think of allying myself with someone whose father has a controlling interest in the dairy industry of Karmus, and yet, to accept his offer would be deceitful, for my life is dedicated to the Great Gouda, and I have no interest in producing an heir. I would marry if such ties in and of themselves would be beneficial to our household, but not to produce a child. And yet, I cannot lie that I have found his interest in the Most Pungent One very endearing. If ever I needed some good advice, the time is now. Ah well, for now I shall set the problem aside, for there are more pressing matters at hand.

My siblings and I have been keeping very busy, running about here and there, doing jobs and bringing honor to the name of Silverhawk. We have made much progress on rebuilding our keep and getting a real start on renewing our lands. All the while we’ve been adding to the gold we will need to keep our house in good order. We recently dispatched a band of orcs in a nearby keep. It was a most unusual experience. My sister Tia’s dead lover came to our assistance, casting an unnatural silence over us all to aid our passage, though it did not help cover the squeak of rusty door hinges which gave us away. The first group of orcs were alerted to our presence, but we managed to defeat them, thanks mostly to the prowess of Natsuko’s armor and Tia’s magic. We almost stumbled into another group of orcs in the courtyard, but managed to sneak back into the keep and bar the door. We fought once more, a pale orc who we presumed to be the leader, and two others. It was a tough battle, and my healing knowledge was put through its paces. In the end, Tia killed the leader and we prevailed. Sadly orcs never seem to possess much worth collecting after a battle, but we added a jagged longsword, six javelins, and a pouch with a hundred gold pieces to our belongings. After we threw the leader’s head on a javelin into the courtyard, the rest of the orc’s broke and ran. I don’t know if I will ever get used to the unsavouriness of battle, but sometimes such acts are necessary. Besides, Lord Botan paid us four hundred gold pieces for the job of clearing that keep, and I know our household will put it to good use.

We returned to our own keep to the unfortunate news of the passing of the queen. We had been planning on visiting her after we finished with the orcs, but alas we were too late. The title of queen has passed to her daughter, and we are planning to visit her strait away to pledge our allegiance and hopefully gain her favor. Though we have seen prosperous times as of late, I know our position is a precarious one and we can use all of the advantages we can get.

I will write to you again as soon as I am able, for now we ride to visit the new queen. Thank you as always for your wise words and friendship Ragnar, you are a stable figure in this ever shifting world.


Marit Sommerfeldt of the House of the Silverhawk.


Great Gouda who art in heaven,
Cultured be thy name.
Thy kingdom come,
Thy curd be done,
On earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily cheese.
And forgive us our unsavoryness,
As we forgive those who are unsavoury toward us.
And lead us not into temptation,
But deliver us from unripeness.
For thine is the grated,
The pungent, and the holey,
For ever and ever.




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