Marit Sommerfeldt - from Ylir

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Race: Wood Elf
Class: Cleric
Age: 17


Marit is somewhat short for a wood elf. Though petite, she is well muscled from years of hauling large wheels of cheese, and then combat training. As she is a devout cleric, more willing to spend her money on cheese to feed the poor than on fancy clothing, she wears simple clothes that have been patched many times and have a perpetual look of being slightly unclean. She keeps her shoulder length brown hair tied back, and while she is fair skinned, it is often hard to tell beneath a fine layer of dirt. Some would say that the darkness of the dirt only helps to offset those lovely green eyes.


Str-14 (2 Cleric)
Con – 14
Dex – 11
Int – 11
Wis – 14 (
2 Wood Elf)
Cha – 13

AC- 14 (+1 shield)
Hit Points – 27
Recoveries – 8

Basic Melee Attack: Att (str+lvl vs AC), Hit (1d6+str), Miss = (lvl)
Basic Ranged Attack: Att (Dex+lvl vs AC), Hit (1d6+dex), Miss = 0

One Unique Thing:

Carries an aged wheel of gouda cheese with her everywhere she goes.

Racial Power: Elven Grace

Class Feature:

- Heal
- Ritual Magic


Apprentice cheese maker +2
Merchant training (haggling, negotiating, buying, selling, etc.) +2
Priest trainee in service of “the old ones” (local church and religious procedures, rituals, healing the sick, etc.) +2
Mercenary training with the Silver Hawks +2


1. Domain – Healing
2. Domain – Vengeance
3. Domain – Community


Javelin of faith
Hammer of faith
Shield of faith


Cleric (Class) – Heal


6GP 7SP remaining $
Shortsword (1d6)
Light Crossbow (1d6)
25 crossbow bolts
Heavy chainmail
Holy symbol
Prayer book
Standard traveling gear
Blanket (wool)
Clothing (simple)
Lantern (common)
Lantern Oil (4 hours) x 3
Tent (small)

(Marit strongly desires a donkey but could not afford one. Perhaps it is because of memories of pack donkeys which would frequently be brought to her family’s shop to cart away cheese for faraway markets.)



Marit grew up near the farmlands of Ylir. Her devout wood elf parents owned (and lived above) a small rural cheese shop where Marit learned the fine art of cheese making in the spare time she wasn’t spending at the local church. When Marit was 12 years old, she woke in the night to the smell of smoke and burning cheese. Running downstairs, she found her parents brutally slain and the shop on fire. Lamenting the loss of her parents, Marit almost left her escape from the shop too late. In a panic, she looked about to see what she could save before fleeing the flames, grabbing a nearby wheel of lightly aged gouda cheese which she had helped her parents make just a couple of months previous. In the painful days that followed, this reminder of home was the only thing that gave Marit solace. For a time, she took shelter with the local church, but they soon turned her away when her religious fervor became warped by fear and grief. The priests would not accept Marit’s insistence that cheese was the one true path to god. It was silly. And what if she brought down the wrath of the gods? When it was suggested that she peddle her beliefs elsewhere, Marit took to wandering, preaching the message of gouda, until Alisa Denikin took pity on the poor girl and adopted her. While the unbalanced fanaticism of Marit was of some concern to Alisa, she allowed Marit to continue her religious studies while training in the art of combat, in the hopes that belief in God would bring the child peace.

5 years later, Marit is devastated to learn of the death of her adopted mother. An orphan once again, her religious fervor only deepens, and she desires vengeance against any and all who would bring harm to the good natured and defenseless souls of the world. She may have a few screws loose, and can often be heard requesting that those she heals perform acts of penance in service of the great cheese god, but she is generally caring and compassionate toward those she cares about and will protect them fiercely. And yes, she still carries that fine 5 year aged gouda, everywhere she goes.

(It is presumed that there isn’t actually a “cheese” god, but rather that “the old ones” aren’t particularly concerned with what they are called as long as Marit continues to worship and practice their ways.)

Marit Sommerfeldt - from Ylir

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