Heirs to the Silver General

The Book of Silverhawk

The Book of Silverhawk

1. After the home of Silverhawk was cleansed of its wickedness, the champions learned of unclean beasts dwelling in their land

2. And they set out to cleanse their land of evil

3. To an abandoned village they did march, that they might slay the evil that rumour said dwelleth therein

4. And they did arrive at the village and beheld great ruin and decay upon it

5. Yet they did see great billows of smoke rising from a chimney and the tattered flag of a beast lord

6. And there was great deliberation betwixt the champions, and the valiant among them called for the beasts to be driven out of the house and slain

7. Yet cowardice had taken root in hearts and the valiant were outnumbered by the fearful and they shamefully turned away from their duty

8. And so they did march unto the abandoned mill with thoughts of conquest and cleaning the evil therein

9. The mill was closed to them but a mighty boot from the righteous paladin smote the door

10. And the door was smoted

11. They did search the mill and found it empty, not a morsel of evil was found

12. And it soon came to pass that the day expired and night took hold

13. And there was yet more deliberation betwixt the heroes over who of the them would stand watch at night

14. There was much talk of squish and being squished. And then they slept.

15. And upon the morn they did march to the hills of their land, in search of things to smite

16. And they found a great rock quarry

17. And near this quarry they beheld a great wound in the earth and the darkness that did dwell in that deep

18. In search of evil all but two champions descended into the chasm,

19. And the great righteous paladin said unto his companions, why was I left up here with the crazy cheese girl?

20. And there was no response

21. After they heard good tidings from their companions in the deep, the rest descended

22. And it came to pass that a great sound was heard by all and a great beetle beast did erupt from the rock

23. Arrow and arcane were loosed upon the beast and all did get in on the smiting action

24. And a righteous arrow did pierce the eye of the beast and slew it

25. And the cave did shake and wail as wall and roof began to crumble

26. And the champions did panic


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The Book of Silverhawk

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