Titles of a Noble House

Title Holder:
The primary title holder. There must always be a primary title holder.

There must always be an heir to every title, should something happen to the primary holder.

Master of House:
A steward, the master of house looks after all the important, day-to-day issues and duties belonging to the title.

Master of Beds:
The ever-important master of beds is in charge of finding good matches for marriage and child-rearing, not always the same thing. They also often serve as courtesan, diplomat, entertainer, and manage the complicated eugenics of noble families.

Master of Arms:
The master of arms is the commander of all troops in a title, and is in charge of training and equipping those men and women.

Master of Shadows:
A crucial role for monitoring the ongoing affairs of other houses, tracking potential threats, and keeping the members of the house safe.

Titles of a Noble House

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