The Six Kingdoms

The Six Kingdoms are the only bastions of society and humanity left in the world, sandwiched between the ever-encroaching Beast Lords, the Dead Lands, and the Restless Sea. Thanks to the Beast Lords, the territory controlled by the civilized races has been steadily whittled down, though in the last 10 years an equilibrium has been reached as several Beast Lords fight have chosen to fight amongst themselves, and the civilized races have recaptured some territory.

The north-most kingdom. Therma exists as a salient into Beast Lord territory, surrounded in the north, east and west. As such, King Asmund stresses military preparedness and recruits hardy folk from the other kingdoms, so the kingdom is heavily populated by hardy dwarves, humans and elves. Therma is a windswept plain dotted by many forests and small hills, and has been heavily fortified with walls and keeps over the years. Therma is not a rich kingdom, so it relies heavily on other kingdoms.
Population: 250,000
Linguistic base: Russian

The most populous of the remaining human kingdoms, and shielded on all sides by other lands. Ylir is mostly fertile farmland, though some low hills are mined for iron and silver. Ylir is also the wealthiest kingdom, though some would say that King Jakob is more interested in coin than in the common cause of defence. Still, Ylir heavily bankrolls the other kingdoms, and it’s capital is the centre of commerce for the six kingdoms. Although largely rural, Ylir has a large urban population of humans, gnomes, halflings, elves and others, many of whom resent that so much of their wealth goes to others.
Population: 400,000
Linguistic base: Norweigan

Much diminished by the last wave of Beast Lord expansion between 10 and 30 years ago, little of Karmus remains. Bordering Therma, Ylir and Malkus, the heavily fortified capital and some surrounding farmland is all that remains of this once powerful state. Queen Sandra has pushed her borders out somewhat, but is the most powerless of the Six Kingdoms, and relies heavily on funds from Ylir, and the draft.
Population: 75,000
Linguistic base: Romanian

The Easternmost Kingdom, Malkus borders the Sunless Peaks, and so guards the mountain passes to the Dead Lands. Queen Gazbiyya controls iron, coal, and gold mines, providing much of the mineral wealth of the Six Kingdoms, and so is able to equip her forces well, but only the formidable terrain of the Peaks allows Malkus to keep back the Dead Men. Dwarves, Humans and Gnomes all live in the valley capital, and the Queen has angered Ylir by constructing walls and defensive fortifications that face the other kingdoms.
Population: 300,00
Linguistic base: Arabic

In the south, Dmar borders both the Restless Sea and Beast Lords, and so has been plagued by numerous invasions. Worse, Dmar has been in intermittent conflict with Westun over the productive logging forests and salt mines along their border. King Simin considers himself the victim in this conflict, and has long argued to the other rulers for restorative justice. So far, they have ignored his requests.
Population: 200,000
Linguistic base: Persian

Also in the south, Westun is the nation that has taken in the bulk of the defences against invaders off the Restless Sea. A poorer nation, though Westun produces many of the Six Kingdom’s cloth goods. Westun is in conflict with Dmar over their border region, a conflict in which King Rikuto considers himself the victim.
Population: 250,000
Linguistic base: Japanese

The Six Kingdoms

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