The Accord of Nations

In response to the fall of Kelina, the Six Kingdoms gathered together and drafted the Accord of Nations, an agreement on balancing the power of the remaining civilized lands. This agreement has survived, mostly unchanged, from those days.

Important clauses

On the determination of strength:
Each year, Learned Representatives of each nation will come together and determine the strength of each Kingdom, according to the following criteria 1. The number of Knights possessed by each Kingdom 2. The number of horses or other beasts of battle possessed 3. The amount of territory lost (or gained) by each nation 4. Whether each nation has suffered a major invasion that year 6. the number of men-at-arms fielded by each nation. 7. Other considerations.

Each nation will then be ranked from most powerful to least powerful.

On the pooling of resources:
Each nation will be required to contribute portion of their existing treasury to a fund controlled by the Learned Representatives. This fund will then be re-distributed to each of the Six Kingdoms, based on their current financial needs.

On the Draft:
Each year, the sons and daughters of the noble houses who have reached the age of 18, the sons and daughters of any man rich enough to contribute a sum of 1000 gold who have reached the age of 18 , or any man or woman selected by the Learned Representatives who has reached the age of 18 will gather. These sons and daughters will then by drafted by each nation, in order of least powerful to most powerful, for nine rounds. Each nation is accorded a pick for each round. Those drafted will then serve the drafting nation when called upon for a period of no less than five years, with the option for the son or daughter and the nation to come to agreement for longer service, based on the award of titles, land, or other financial incentives.

The Accord of Nations

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