Heirs to the Silver General

The First Day of the Silverhawk Household

Dear Journal,

It’s been a long time since I last wrote, I know. I thought mother was crazy when she first said it would help me work through my feelings, but she was right. I haven’t had such strong feelings since Aino showed up, but so much has changed. Mother is dead and we must set out on our own. I can’t believe she is gone. But I know I will get through this. I know that’s what mother would have wanted and at least this time I have Aino, Sterling, and all my other siblings to get me through this. We must continue for mother and to do that, we must find a way to live up to the noble title that mother bought us, as we carry on her legacy of the Silver Hawks.

The house of the Silverhawk. That’s what we decided to name our house. I think mother would smile if she knew. More than that though, I hope it will remind people of her when they hear it. Piotyr has agree to be the head of our household. I’m glad that he will be the one that has to talk with the queen if we are ever summoned. I’ve had enough of court for one lifetime. I think that Aino would have been an even better choice, but I didn’t think the others would go for it when she hasn’t even been here for a year. I kept my mouth shut. I didn’t want to give anything way. It’s still too soon for them to know. Though I didn’t think they’ve noticed anything unusual in my silence. There hasn’t been a lot to say since mother died. Except when Aino and I are together. I don’t think I could have survived without her.
It really is a shame she couldn’t have been the head. What a great job my love would do at enchanting the queen, but it saves her beautiful voice for her serenades. She didn’t even get to be the heir, although if I’m being honest, Stirling probably does make the most sense. He’s been with mother since forever.

Our new house is in quite the state. And that state is ruins, nothing but ruins. If any of us had been dreaming about getting out of our tents anytime soon, it was shorted lived. The most we can say is that we no longer have a ghoul infested crypt. It some honed skills to defeat them, but it seemed like we got them all out after a few on the first floor and several more further into the crypt. It was good to have the old team back fighting together…even Marit. At least during battle she isn’t able to talk about her cheese. One of the only major advantages of being down there. Well, that and listening to Aino’s beautiful song. I could listen to her for hours.

Though I suppose we won’t have the time for that anymore. We’ll be needing to find a way to fix up, stock, and protect our new lands. I had hoped we’d find something down in that crypt, but other than a simple necklace that doesn’t seem like it will fetch too high a price, we have nothing to show for it other than some battle wounds on Natsuko and Piotyr from the ghouls. I guess it will be back to work tomorrow. But for now, I’m going to wrap this up, as my love will be here in a minute and I want to look my best for her. Good night.


Your adopted mother is dead.

Your adopted mother is dead.

You remember the first time you saw Alisa Denikin, striding through the ruins of your village. Tall and strong, blond and wearing shining plate mail, she was like a figure out of legend, and she plucked you from the ruins of your old life and raised you as her own. From then on, you were a member of her Silver Hawk mercenaries, riding about the Six Kingdoms, fighting wherever you got paid. You were joined by other orphans, also raised by Alisa, and together you fought Beastmen, defended the border with the Dead Lands, and even fought in the wars been Kingdoms. It was a hard life, but you had friends and family.

Then everything changed. Alisa took on a job and requested that you stay behind, the first time she’d ever done so. And so you waited, not worried. Your mother had fought in dozens of battles, hundreds of skirmishes.

A letter arrived and informed you of her death, and the destruction of the Silver Hawks. But with that letter came something else; a deed to land in Karmus, and a royal proclamation establishing your family as a new noble house, the first in the Six Kingdoms in almost two hundred years.

Stricken by grief, you travelled to this land. There a man you knew, Nazariy Silin, was waiting in the remains of a crumbling keep. Wordlessly, he handed you a letter.

My dearest children,

If you are reading this letter, then I am dead. I have always known this day would come, that I would leave you. It was the nature of my work. Nobody lives forever.

The Six Kingdoms are in crisis. Year after year, our lands grow ever smaller, our populations thin. I believe a new effort is needed to recapture lost lands. That is why I made arrangements to obtain for you the title of nobility. I am gone, but you have your adopted brothers and sisters. I charge you with the duty of raising up a new noble house.

It will not be easy. I have invested all the wealth I gathered over the years in purchasing this land, so I have nothing else to leave you. What I can leave you is the name of the Silver Hawks. Mercenary work will come, and with it, gold and further renown. The nobles of the Six Kingdoms will look down on you. Show them that your blood is as good and true as theirs.

Nazariy is paid until the end of the year. He will assist you however you require. You’ll need to find others, people to live in your lands, and trusted allies and associates. I have asked that one other friend join you, but I am not sure when she will arrive.

Know that I love you with all my heart, and that I charge you with this task because I believe you can do it. It will not be easy, but I know our future is in good hands.


When you finished the letter, Nazariy clapped you on the shoulder. “Well, not to rush you, but I fear there’s work to be done. We need to survey the new lands, raise money to repair the keep, find subjects for you, decide on who will be the ruler and heir, and oh, there’s a small matter of some creature that’s infested the basement and nearly devoured me. Where do you want to begin?”

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