Tatiana (Tia) Nastya from Therma

Pale skin, waist length moonlight blonde hair, sapphire eyes, angluar features, tall, slim body of an elf with pointy ears. She wears robes with a long cloak and a golden circlet with a sapphire in the center


Race: Wood Elf

Class: Sorceress


Str-10 (0), Con-16 (3), Dex-14 (2), Int-12 (1), Wis-12 (1), Cha-19 (+4)
AC-15, PD-14, MD-12, Hit Points-27, Recoveries-8

Basic Melee Attack: Att (str+lvl vs AC), Hit (1d6+str), Miss (lvl)

Basic Ranged Attack: Att (Dex+lvl vs AC), Hit (1d4+d), Miss

One Unique Thing: As a side effect of a failed ritual, she can hear the thoughts of animals around her om her dreams

Racial Power: Elven Grace

Child Avatar (religious and magic training, participation in rituals, communication with nature, center of worship, etc.) +5
Court Training (seer training, diplomacy, courtesan training, court etiquette, etc.)
Mercenary (further development of magic, killing tactics, stealth, archery, etc,)
Class Feature: See book for Sorceress

1. Arcane Heritage
2. Spell Fist
3. Sorceress Familiar (Flight +2 random rotating)

1. Elven Grace

EQUIPMENT (5 GP remaining):
Light Armor
Old Prayer Book
Standard Traveling Gear
Good Clothing
Wood Elf Tent
Large Tabby Cat (Selena)
Hand Crossbow


(Most of her background information her siblings wouldn’t know. Only that she was raised by priests in Therma when she was young and then spent some time at court in Ylir before she came be with the Silver Hawk. Aino and their adoptive mother know most of her past.)

As an infant, she was given up by her parents to a religious sect by that believed her to be the reincarnation of a deity (Tatia: one of four deities that, when combined, become the world see). Deep in her new forest home in Therma, she was given the name Tatiana, a combination of the deity she was reincarnated from and Ana, the name her parents had picked out for her and the title of Nastya, meaning the resurrected. The priests trained her to channel her connection to the earth and worked to strengthen her magic in the early years. At age 7 she began participating in rituals, that involved the priests joining with their child avatar to strengthen their own magic and connection to the earth, particularly for prophesy. When she wasn’t in training or rituals, she spend most of her time in the forest hanging out with animals. At 8, she created her familiar (a pure white winged unicorn named Eva). On her tenth birthday, the sect preformed a ritual that was supposed to release Tatia in her true form. Tired of being used constantly for rituals and freaked out that she’d never be herself again after this one, Tatiana tried to reject the transition during the ritual. She was knocked unconscious, but while she was out she dreamed that she was crying under a tree when a horde of beast came to her and asked her what was wrong. Free of all fear of the beasts, she told them her worries and begged them for help. The dream faded and when she woke up all the priests of the sect lay dead, massacred all around her. Though covered in their blood and gore, she seemed to be fine physically, but emotionally she shattered, staring at the carnage for several long minutes before she took off and ran into the forest as far as her legs would carry her before she crumpled to the ground weeping and finally cried herself to sleep curled under a fallen log.

She woke up to a strange boy watching her from above. Before she could scream he covered her mouth and told her it would be alright and that he’d protect her. Eva darted out and tried to bite the boy, but she called her familiar back. Even after everything she had gone through, she believed him. Tatiana allowed herself to be scooped up, though she wouldn’t tell him what her name was. The boy—Rune, he introduced himself—he carried her back to where a group of guards searched through the bodies of the men who had raised and worshiped her and told them he’d found a survivor. The guards seemed skeptical, but they didn’t question him and soon Rune and Tatiana were on his horse and galloping away. It was a long ride, but at last they came to the royal court in Ylir. Tatiana shrank away in fear from all the crowds and noises, but Rune quickly guided her the vast building to his own personal chambers. He left her to rest, but checked on her frequently, but she still wouldn’t talk. A healer came and she allowed him to do a checkup, though she started to thrash as he attempted to remove her clothes to get a closer look, so he left her with a diagnosis of being physically fine, though disturbed and in need of rest. Rune saw to her himself, telling her that he was the son of a nobleman and sharing funny stories about his childhood. After about a week, while he sat beside her bed, she told him her name—Tia, Tia Nastya. She wouldn’t tell him more about her past, but she did start to talk to him more, asking him questions about the court and his life and what would happen to her. He told her that when she was better that she’d start training in a profession, though she could continue to live with him and his dad. When she asked what she’d learn, he suggested something in magic and she started to sputter and deny it, but he told her he’d seen her familiar and knew that she had magic. She continued to deny it, but after a number of speeches about how much she can help people with her gift, she finally agreed and he help to set her up with a seer in addition to court studies. After months of training, resisting using her magic whenever she needed to, it was decided that she needed to train in a new profession. By this point, she had started to open up to Rune and he knew some of her past and they were had become very close. It was suggested that she could try training as a courtesan, not really finding it too much different from her childhood, except that she had some choice in the matter and she had a friend to help her through it. So she started her training and at twelve, as she learned about the wiles she’d use on men to attract their patronage, she tried them out on Rune. They had already been very close on every level except for physical and after that first night together, they started to see each other actively, though in secret. Rune bought her many gifts, including a silver tabby cat she named Selena, a white mare named Ella and a sapphire encrusted circlet that she always wears. She was content in her life at court, but everything changed when Rune’s father found out about their relationship right before he turned eighteen. Within a month, Rune was sent to the drafts and a short while later was killed in battle against the beast. Tia was shattered when she heard the news.

She couldn’t stand to stay at the court where there were so many memories, with the man that had sent her love away to die, so she packed up her most prized possessions, got her cat and rode off into the night. She hadn’t taken any money with her and after a week with little to no food and riding throughout the land to get away, she collapsed off her horse and was scooped up by a strong woman. She stayed with the woman, Alisa, as she recovered her strengths. The woman told her about herself and her children, all orphans that she’d adopted and she offered to do the same for Tia. Tia was scared to let another in and unsure if she needed a mother, something she’d never had in fourteen years. With nowhere else to go though, she accepted and soon after being adopted, Tia started to train to be a member of the Silver Hawks. It took a lot of cajoling and a mixture of tender care and tough love, but Alisa finally got most of Tia’s past out of her and convinced her to give her magic another time to use it in the way she wanted, no teachers, not restrictions, to help her friends and family make the kingdoms a safer place. And that’s what she continued to do for the following three years until the death of her mother.

Currently: She is very withdrawn and seems very serious to those that don’t know her well. She can loss her temper very quickly, but feels guilt and remorse when she calms down. She has severe trust issues but when her trust is gained, she is very loyal. She protects those she cares for with everything she’s got. She is able to connect with young children and animals easily and she has bouts of mass protectiveness for them.

Relationships to come…

Tatiana (Tia) Nastya from Therma

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