Sterling Denikin, likely from Ylir

Sean's Character


Str: 13 Con: 15 Dex: 18 Int: 12 Wis: 13 Cha: 10
Mod +1 +2 +4 +1 +1 +0

Initiative: 5 AC: 16 PD: 13 MD: 11
HP: 27 Recoveries: 8
Melee: Attack: Str or Dex + L Hit: 1D8 + S Miss: L * Dual wielding
Ranged: Attack: Dex + L Hit: 1D8 + L Miss: L


  • Tracker – 5 (talent)
  • Mercenary Captain – 3
  • Bounty Hunter – 3
  • Survivor of distant massacre – 2

Racial power:

Surprising: Once per battle you can subtract 1 from the natural result of one of your own d20 rolls.

Powers and Spells:

Cure wounds


  • Ranger ex cathedral: Can use one cleric spell of equal or lower level
  • Tracker: +5 to tracker background and Gives Terrain Stunt
  • Two Mastery: + 1 attack bonus when fighting with a 1-handed melee weapon in each hand


  • Precise Shot: Ranged attacks will not hit allies.


  • GP: 27 SP:
  • Leather armor
  • Longsword
  • Warhammer
  • Longbow
  • Standard Travel Gear
  • Long Black Cloak
  • Quiver of arrows (20)
  • Lantern (Hooded)
  • 50 ft good rope
  • Iron Spike
  • Small Hammer

One Unique Thing:

Has a sheer black cloak that he was found wrapped in. It was missing a clasp that has since been replaced with a temporary one. The original clasp has a odd symbol that no one he knows can identify.



Sterling Denikin was orphaned at a very young age, around 2, after his entire village was massacered by the beasts. His family was likely from Ylir, but moved to Therma. Found shortly after by Alisa Denikin, his adoptive mother whos last name he would take, he was raised with the other orphens she would take in time to time. Having been with her so long, he naturally joined the Silver Hawks as soon as he was allowed and had been an active member for several years, earning a rank of captain only a few months before her death, and shortly after his 17th birthday.
He routinly requested detached missions, as to prove that he wasn’t being favored by mother. Many of these missions involved hunting bounties, to help supplement the Hawks funds during leaner times. Having trained with the archers and scouts primarly in the early years, he is an expert tracker and fairly talented archer. After having mastered what he could from the scouts and archers, he sought melee training from some of the more talented fighters in the Hawks, including (candice) and (christian), his adoptive sister and brother. While dual weilding warriors are not uncommon, he developed a rather unique take on it from this training, wielding a longsword for lighter armored foes, and a warhammer to deal with those in heavy armor.
Of course all of this training was not without its dangers, and after a partiularly nasty wound (ray) took pity on him, and taught him some basic healing. Shortly after Tia (Tiff) joined, he taught her how to use her handbow, after watching her struggle to hit a target.

Hated enemies:

Despite his own loss to the beasts, he held no particular hatred of them, being young enough to not remember much. After the loss of his second mother, and almost all members of the Silver Hawks, who were as much family to him as anything, he holds a deep hatred of them, far beyond the feelings of most people.


Much like many of his “people”, the half-elves, he is slightly taller than the average human, but shorter than a true elf. He is has a medium build, but broad shoulders, and seems more slender than he is due to the fact that he is almost wearing his cloak. He has dark brown hair, and eyes so deep a green they almost appear black. His leather has been dyed mostly grey, and has brown mixed in to aid in camouflage. Any metal has been either roughed up to reduce gleams, or painted over.

Sterling Denikin, likely from Ylir

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