Piotyr Borgov

Human Paladin


STR: 15
CON: 16
DEX: 12
INT: 11
WIS: 12
CHA: 18

AC: 19
HP: 33

Cleric Training
Lay on Hands

Cleric Training: Adventurer Feat
Improved Initiative


Piotyr Borgov

Piotyr is acquainted is well acquainted with death. His father raised him to know the decay of the body and an undertaker’s methods to slow it. In the dark catacombs below the local church Piotyr cared for the newly deceased from a young age. His father’s demeanor was cordial but wholly unloving so he found attention from the elder priests of the church. Preparing corpses by day and studying scripture by night, Piotyr’s early life was pleasant.

Until Piotyr woke one night to candles around his bed to see strangle symbols on the walls and hear his father chanting strange words at his side. His father, upon seeing Piotyr’s awakening, wrapped his large hands around his boys throat and squeezed. Piotyr’s grasping hand found one of the heavy candlesticks around the bed and swung it at his father’s head with force, again and again. After squirming out from under his father’s now limp body he ran crying, covered in blood, into the head priests quarters. It was determined over the next few days that his father had been secretly practicing necromancy and had hoped to make Piotyr the subject of an experiment.

Piotyr was examined and prodded by a score of clerics and mages after the incident. They agreed on only one thing – the aim of the ritual was to curse Piotyr with eventual undeath. When he asked how he might avoid such a fate, the bearded and wrinkled crowd erupted into argument and disagreement. None could agree on how to solve the problem and some even suggested that Piotyr killed his father before he could even complete the ritual. Nothing was done and the boy was told to forget the curse.

Piotyr was eventually taken in by Alisa, moved as she was by the strange tale. He was taught how to swing a greatsword and move in heavy armour. He continues to obsess over the possible “curse” and he always has a question or two for anyone who might know about death or curses.


Theology: 3 points
Embalming and preservation: 5 points

Piotyr Borgov

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