Natsuko Kawaguchi from Westun

Human Fighter (Candice's Character)


Race: Human
Class: Fighter


  • STR: 17 (3), CON: 16 (3) DEX: 16 (3): INT-13 (1): WIS-13 (+1): CHA-11 (0)
  • AC: 22 (15+1+DEX+lvl)
  • PD: 16 (10+CON+lvl)
  • MD: 14 (10+WIS+1)
  • Hit Points: 55 (8+CON*lvl modifier – 5 @ lvl 3)
  • Recoveries: 9
  • Recovery Roll: lvl*d10+CON
  • Initiative: DEX + lvl
  • Basic Melee Attack: Att (STR+lvl vs AC), Hit (lvl x weapon dice+STR), Miss (lvl)
  • Basic Ranged Attack: Att (DEX+lvl vs AC), Hit (lvl x weapon damage+DEX), Miss (0)

One Unique Thing:
I talk to my sword. Sometimes he talks back.

Icon Relationships:
Sailors/Fishermen – 1
Katsuo – 2


  • Weaving/Textile Arts – 2
  • Sailing/Fishing – 3
  • Mercenary – 3

Class Features:

  • Extra Tough
  • Threatening


  • Power Attack
  • Skilled Intercept
  • Tough as Iron

Racial Power: Quick to Fight


  • Defensive Fighting
  • Precision Attack
  • Strong Guard
  • Heavy Blows


  • Strong Recovery
  • Improved Initiative
  • Tough as Iron

GP: 8g 8s

  • Longsword (1d8)
  • Shortbow (1d6)
  • Dagger (1d4)
  • Heavy Chain Armour
  • Shield
  • Necklace
  • Sewing Kit
  • Loom
  • Standard Travelling Gear (Flint and Tinder, Money Pouch, Pack, Rain Cloak, 5 days Rations, Sleep Roll, Wineskin)
  • Tent (small)
  • Clothing (good)
  • Rope (50’, good)
  • Lantern (w/ 8 hours oil)
  • Candy (40 pc)
  • Grappling Hook
  • Arrows (30)
  • Magic Items:*

16, with long, black hair, pale skin, and dark, amond-shaped eyes. She keeps her hair tied back and out of her way. She wears good quality, simple clothing on the rare occasion she isn’t in her armour and her shortsword is never far from her side. She wears a silver necklace with a kanji on one side that she doesn’t know the meaning to. She has had the other side engraved with the image of a hawk in flight.

Natsuko’s Story:

Natsuko was born in Westrun to a family of weavers that lived in a town close to the Restless Sea. The youngest of five, she was well looked after and well loved, but her busy family rarely had time for her. She wanted to be important and for her life to matter and she escaped into her imagination and made up adventures in which she was, almost inevitably, the heroine. Her parents and siblings encouraged her to be serious and focus on the family business, but weaving held no interest for her.

Whenever the shellfish boats returned to the harbour, she was there, scuttling among the crews, carrying cargo and listening to their stories of the wind and the waves, of adventure and freedom. She began to dream of joining them and longed to feel the wind in her hair and hear the sound of waves against the wood of the hull. Not even the occasional encounter with pirates could dissuade her.

Eventually, one crew took pity on her and invited her for a cruise around the harbour, thinking that a seven year old girl would be scared away and not bother them. To the contrary, she loved it, and began sneaking away early in the morning, before her family was awake, to join the sailors. Eventually, they accepted her as one of their own and began to teach her the tricks of their trade. Her parents always pretended to disapprove of her adventures, but her share in the catch always seemed to placate them and they let her leave on longer and longer voyages.

At the age of nine, Natsuko returned home from a particularly successful fishing trip, excited to share the catch with her family, only to find the town in ruins. A quick examination by the crew of the boat revealed that the town had been attacked by pirates. There were few survivors. Natsuko’s home was smouldering and ruined, blood spattered everywhere, her family nowhere to be found.

Devastated, Natsuko collected the few things of value she could find: her mother’s necklace (hidden in her parent’s bedroom), her father’s sewing kit, and the small, wooden hand loom they had given her to practice with at age five. The remaining townsfolk and the crew, terrified of another attack, band together in the town square. There are few surviving children and Natsuko is, once again, mainly ignored.

She spent her time down by the docks, the only place she had ever really felt like she belonged. One rainy winter morning, she was poking around in one of the abandoned and destroyed homes when she found a sword, buried beneath some rubble. She carried it out into the light to examine it more closely – it is simple, but seems sturdy. Then, a shadow fell across her and she looked up into the stern face of a woman in plate mail.

Alisa Denikin and her Silver Hawks came at the request of the townsfolk to protect them as they journeyed to the next town. With nowhere else to go, Natsuko went with them but on the journey, she listened to the Hawks tell stories of their exploits and remembered a time when all she had wanted was to be a hero. When the journey ended, Alisa asked Natsuko if she wanted to join the Hawks and train to use the sword she was so awkwardly holding, and so Natsuko turned her back on the sea in favour of new adventures.

For a while, Natsuko spoke to nobody except the sword, which quickly became her only friend. She spent much of her time training with one of Alisa’s captains, and the rest sitting back from the fire, sharpening her sword or idly weaving. Eventually she befriended Sterling, who was only a year older than her, and fought alongside him and their mother, when the Hawks needed her. It was a difficult and hard life, with a lot of travel, but Natsuko saw most of the Six Kingdoms and earned a form of fame, and a grudging respect, among the Silver Hawks. But a part of her still longs for the wind and the waves and, every time their adventures take them past the sea, she scans the horizon for the pirates who murdered her family.

As her other siblings joined the Silver Hawks, Natuko trained with them, where she could, made friends, and slowly began to feel like she belonged somewhere; only to have her world crash down around her again when she learned of Alisa’s death.


  • Adventurous
  • Courageous
  • Disciplined
  • Imaginative
  • Reckless
  • Tactless


  • To avenge her family
  • To find adventure


  • Pirates

Natsuko Kawaguchi from Westun

Heirs to the Silver General heliath