Bjorn Hakan

Nobleman from Aino's one unique thing


Bjorn was the eldest child and thus became leader of his house. He was married twice, both wives having passed from natural causes. He had three children with his first wife, and 2 with his second wife.

He is of average height for a ?, broad in the shoulders and still retaining the frame of the fighting man he once was. He is softer in the middle than he once was, but has maintained his strength through rigorous training since his time serving in the army. His eyes are hazel and his hair is still mostly brown, although it is greying. His face is hardened and creased from exposure and his expression ranges from stern to forbidding. He is in his early 50s.

He is a powerful member of the Ylir court, with one of the highest titles next to the monarch. He has wealth, as well, to back his name, and people whisper about secret plots and even assassinations orchestrated and paid for by him. He is generally feared, but also respected. He has provided useful council for decades, and has the ear of King Jakob. Most would be shocked to learn of the friendship and laughter that they share behind closed doors. He otherwise has little time for the frivolity of the court.

The few who are closest to him know that he has a strong sense of justice and even compassion for others, although it rarely shows. The rest see him as an irritable, but unparalleled strategist and politician, who runs his House and his fiefdom with unbending discipline. His decisions are fair, and his punishments comparatively lenient, but he does not believe he owes anyone an explanation for his decisions, and demands strict obedience.

He is generally formal, but distant with his children. He is on poor terms with his eldest daughter, who is in line to inherit his title. Secretly, she is his favorite, as she is the most like him, headstrong and with absolute faith in her own beliefs. He is aware that there is some plotting among the rest of his children to curry favor with him, which he finds repugnant and evidence of poor moral character and a weak will. (Their ages range from 16 to 29.) They believe they are cunning, but he is aware of each of their transgressions and weaknesses, and keeps them docketed away for future use and to ensure that he is in control of those vulnerabilities. He is intolerant of blackmailers and has no compunction about destroying their reputations and lives. Since he is the first to be aware of indiscretions and illegal behaviour within his domain, and punishes swiftly; since his knowledge and influence is far-reaching, and his discretion absolute; he has never been at the mercy of another. Some ripples in his network- small things- has warned him that there are those who believe he is past his prime, and are preparing to usurp the power he wields. He has already planned out contingencies, and is waiting for his chance to reassert his place.

Bjorn had been spending a great deal of time at court, at Jakob’s request as the king worked through a difficult (unofficial) diplomatic time. It was during this time that Bjorn first saw Aino. He had been widowed for 15 years at the time (his last wife having passed in childbirth), and while he had had a string of mistresses during the first five or so years, his attention had gradually turned inward. He was thus surprised at his attraction to the young human who was training as a diplomat. As his attraction deepened into obsession, he turned away and threw himself back into his work. He refused to allow anyone, or anything, power over him. Yet she continued to haunt his dreams. He toyed with the idea of offering marriage, but the social distance seemed too great, and it would expose his vulnerability. Through discrete inquiry, he learned of Aino’s family’s social ambitions, and that they would soon be actively seeking a powerful benefactor for their daughter. He sent a missive offering his protection and political sway for the family if the girl chose to be his lover- he could offer her learning opportunities and advancement, and political opportunities to her family that no other nobleman could- he was careful to state his case strongly, but logically. He implied heavily that their best chance at gaining title and social standing was by accepting this offer. Almost immediately, he cursed himself for the weakness, but he was resolved to have this young woman in his life. His feelings were thus mixed when he received an affirmative response, and a date was set for Aino to come meet him. He was unconcerned about the few weeks of travel the family had requested as a delay so the girl could adjust to the change in her fortunes, and eagerly awaited the appointed day.

When he heard of the attack on her travelling party, he was livid. He gathered the information he could, and it became apparent that the body of Aino had not yet been found. Not one to be thwarted, he has since invested time and resources into finding the young woman who had so captivated him, and is still undeterred in his quest 6 months later. Only his eldest daughter has uncovered his interest, and she strongly disapproves, furthering the gap between them.


Bjorn Hakan

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