Alisa Denikin

The Silver General


You remember Alisa as a figure who towered over most men, literally and figuratively. Sturdy and stoic, she never complained about the cold, about war wounds, or the creak she developed in her knee, even though these things troubled her more toward her end. While not a vain women, she understood that her appearance was important to the men and women she commanded, and made sure that her hair was always neat, her breastplate always polished, and when there was blood on her face, it wasn’t too much blood.

Nearly 65 when she died, Alisa’s blonde hair had begun to go platinum, and she switched away from using heavy two-handed weapons to single-handed ones. She tended to wear armour in public, though in private she preferred much more fashionable clothing. The last time you saw her, you were stuck by how many lines there were on her face and around her watery blue eyes.


The Silver General was born in Therma, and ran away from home at age 15 during a Beast Lord invasion to join a mercenary company. Over the next fifty years, she fought in nearly ever major war, against the Beast Lords, invaders from the Restless Sea, between the Six Kingdoms, and against the Dead Men. In time, she founded her own regiment, the Silver Hawks, and gathered great renown as a leader of men. As she travelled from war-torn village to town, she began to adopt orphans. Though she never had any biological children, she treated these orphans as her own, and trained them in the only trade she knew, war.

Two weeks ago, Alisa Denikin perished while turning back a Beast Lord incursion. In that final act, she earned enough money to purchase a peerage for her adopted children, the first new noble house in the Six Kingdoms in almost two hundred years. That house comes with lands on the edge of lands controlled by the Kingdom of Karmus.

Alisa Denikin

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