Aino Kjøpmann, from Ylir

Courtney's character


Human (2 to any attribute, 1 feat), Bard (2 CHA or DEX), Lvl 3

Attributes INITIATIVE = 12 + 3 = 15
8 10 14 11 15 18
-1 0 +2 0 +2 +4
+2 +3 +5 +3 +5 +7

18 13 16 35 8 1D8 X Lvl+Con

ATTACK TYPE ATTACK HIT MISS (uses DEX attribute for both)
BASIC MELEE 14 1d6 + 3 +1
BASIC RANGED 14 1d6 + 3 n/a

ONE UNIQUE THING: Aino caught the eye of a rich and old nobleman while training to be a diplomat (and courtesan) in the Ylir court.


Training as a courtesan (flirtation, conversationalist, games; musical ability, acting, reciting, hunting, “ceremonial/entertainment oriented” swordplay, etc.)
Education and experience in diplomacy, politics, history, and languages- primarily in the area of intrigues/ secret planning and within-court alliances, etc. (politics, deceit, alliances, political machinations/trickery, etc.)
Training/experience with the Silver Hawks (shifting skills with crossbow and short sword from pleasure/ more ceremonial to how to maim and kill; magic/sorcery, bard skills; practical experience using diplomacy/intrigue/deceit etc skills in towns, villages, with farmers, etc to gather information, gain entry to places or access people, etc.)

battle cry 1: “Pull it together!” (11+)
battle cry 2: “Stay Strong!” (16+)
battle cry 3:
Spell/song 1: Charm person
Spell/song 2: Soundburst
Spell/song 3: “Song of Heroes”
Sorcerer song: “Breath of the white”

1. Spellsinger
2. jack of spells- Sorcerer’s “breath of the white”
3. Storyteller

1. Precise shot
2. Battle cries
3. Further backgrounding

EQUIPMENT (50 GP starting, 29 GP 1 SP remaining)
Short sword 1d6
Short bow (and quiver) 1d6
Leather armor
Arrows 40

Standard traveling gear (flint and tinder box, small money pouch, pack, rain cloak, 5 days rations, sleeping roll, water/wine skin)
Tent, small
Rope, 50 ft, good
Clothing, simple 5
Clothing, expensive 3
Lantern, common
Lantern oil 4 hrs
Musical instrument, intricate (flute)
Crystal flask
Small mirror
Grappling hook
Thieves’ Tools


Her general manner

Aino is 14. She has an ethereal beauty. She is slender and small, with blue-green eyes, tawny skin and light brown wavy hair. Despite her delicate appearance and often cultured mannerisms, she has a rebellious streak and is much tougher and more astute than most would assume. She plays up a naïve and coy demeanor among strangers.

Background- Aino did not share this with her siblings- her mother would have worked some of it out, and Tiffany’s character probably knows some details.

Her mother was a courtesan, who did well in the court and had a marriage arranged for her by her benefactor. Her husband was a kind man, a rich merchant, who saw the marriage as an opportunity to increase his line’s social status. Once married, her mother still occasionally acted as a courtesan (with the encouragement of her husband) for the social benefits gained.

Aino was loved and accepted by both her parents, but was sired by one of her mother’s benefactors. She was raised (and trained) from infancy to be a courtesan, as well. She was taught by renowned musicians, actors and artists to memorize, recite and act, sing, play instruments, and paint. Her education also included hunting, games, and other skills that would allow her to ingratiate herself and be a pleasant companion. She grew up relatively sheltered from actual violence in Ylir, however she was educated from an early age in politics, intrigue and the dangers that loomed on all sides- both from the kingdoms and from common enemies. (Based on the info on the wiki, she likely would have been training to be a “Master of Beds”, but her parents had hope that she would come to the attention of the ruling family. The ambition was that this could lead to marriage into a noble family, or to a title. Her mother would have been able to provide connections through her own experiences.) She was training in a more “official” capacity as a diplomat, and was involved in political intrigue.

Aino has an older brother, Anund (also illegitimate), raised to be part of the draft. He was trained from an early age to be a fighter and diplomat, with the hope that heroism in battle and talent in politics would lead to family advancement and possibly a title. Her parents chose not to have any further children in order to concentrate their resources.

How orphaned:

Aino had caught the eye of a very powerful, older nobleman in the court. She was reluctant to take the match, but knew it was a necessary stepping stone. She was travelling with her parents to give her some time and space to accept this “next step”, when they were attacked, and she was left orphaned. She did not know how to find her brother.

Since she was garbed simply for travel, her family’s wealth was not apparent. She has kept a few nice items, which she keeps hidden. Most of her belongings were taken or left behind.

She preferred not to mention nor seek the protection of this man of wealth, as he was old (in her eyes) and had an unpleasant reputation. In the 6 months or so she has been with the Silver Hawks, she did not tell anyone of her actual history, pretending to be a native of the area she was found, but her adpoted mother quickly picked up her true background.

What she did with the Silver Hawks:

Alisa picked up her true background, and while she respected her privacy, she planned her training around Aino’s skills. They elaborated on her foundational skills with the crossbow and short sword, honing her accuracy, and Alisa found a bard and a sorcerer who were able to help Aino use her abilities in a battle context (battle cries, her sorcerer’s spell, etc.) Her skills in intrigue and diplomacy were also developed in non-combat situations to gain entry, etc. Aino had a theoretical knowledge of the workings of other kingdom’s and she was quickly able to put that theory into practice and build her knowledge through experience.

Aino loves her new life- the adventure and freedom, which is such a contrast to the highly structured life she led, with its complex etiquette and emphasis on wearing a mask.
She did not share her true past with anyone, although her adoptive mother was smart enough to pick up on her skills and to train her to use them to their advantage. She does not want to return to the Ylir court, and wishes to avoid the noble who wanted her to be his mistress.

Aino Kjøpmann, from Ylir

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