Heirs to the Silver General

The Tale of the Silverhawk

Chapter 5: The Great Goblin Caper, Part II

(continued from my last entry, wherein we took the task of clearing away goblins and rescuing the Enslaved for coin)

I led the throng of malnourished serfs away from their besmirched town, and showed them the path to safety. Having fulfilled my duty to the downtrodden, I then left the villagers in safety and flew on the wings of song to rejoin my battling brethren. Meeting with them, we circled northward, around the village, where we spied a group of goblins returning with their enslaved villagers. The Enslaved were near broken from unyielding captivity and long labours, their backs bent under the burden of unripened crops.

Sterling the Strong rose rapidly to the challenge, casting aside his weapons so as to appear alone and vulnerable as he threw rocks and yelled at our enemies. Three goblins ventured forward while the rest beat hastily towards the village with their questionable bounty. Many of my siblings sallied forth to catch the retreating scourge; meanwhile Piotyr the Pious and I remained hidden to provide our brother aid in his confrontation. Our glorious trio attacked as one, Sterling the Strong falling back to retrieve his weapons. I sang the Song of Heroes as we were attacked in turn, and while Piotyr the Pious was injured, his valour rose superior. He smote one, killing it, even as Sterling the Strong’s own blood was spilt. I continued to sing, lending my strength to my brothers. (Even so, Sterling somehow managed to snap his bowstring… it was really quite unfortunate.) Piotyr the Pious’s blow landed true again, though not so true as to save me. The spear sank deep, rending my flesh, and as my Song faltered, the others paused. (My Lovely stumbled slightly, and nearly turned back… the fear in her eyes… well. She gave me the strength to continue, if only to reassure her she would not be left again.)

The strength of the Silverhawks filled me to overflowing and I sang a Song of Thunder and Death. One goblin fell beneath the onslaught as the other writhed in agony, and my final verse allowed me to lend power to Sterling the Strong’s final blow with his War Hammer. With that, the last moved no more.

Far ahead we could see the rest of our siblings engaging with the remaining Goblins in a great show of flashing blades, lustrous spells and righteous invocations. Sterling the Strong remained behind to query those we had rescued, while Piotyr the Pious and I ran forth to join our siblings in glorious battle. I stumbled, my heart bleeding and my eyes filling with tears as two of the Goblin spears found its mark. (My poor Lovely… if only I had been faster to join them! Or if I had gone with her from the start. From now on, no leaving each other’s side in battle!). The Stunning Sorceress’ fury rose at the steel twice cutting her flesh, and she called down the lightning from the skies and struck five together. Noble Natsuko raised her sword and sliced another asunder.

The battle raged on amidst mighty swords, faith purified javelins and scorching rays. The beasts’ blows failed to touch Noble Natsuko, but found their cursed way to Mystical Marit, and the Stunning Sorceress. More goblins streamed forth from the village, and were quickly dispatched by blade, javelin, scorching rays and orbs of chaos.

Such display cowed all who remained to question our Righteous Cause, but not quickly enough to avoid the Just Vengeance visited upon them. They were quickly searched for thieved goods, and unholy relics. Then, as one, the Silverhawks moved forth. Mystical Marit blew her orc horn, won in righteous battle. (Poor girl… the brutality of our chosen life often tries her. She lends a wonderful kindness to our adventures, but I worry that her mind is becoming less sound. And I wonder at just what Piotyr learned in that monastery of his… kill all the infants so that nothing survives to seek revenge? Make love, not war I say. Or better yet, make love after making war. I wonder if they would accept that as our new motto?)
Thus, they were subdued, and one walked forth from the town, waving a cloth of grimy white, and as he drew closer his missing ear became apparent. He spoke, in the broken language of a second tongue, and revealed the plight of his people. It was decided then we could not force them to their Death on the march to their own lands, and that while Mystical Marit healed the weak and dying young we sent Sterling the Strong and Piotyr the Pious to collect our wage. (There was quite the heated discussion about that, let me tell you! But despite Piotyr’s prejudices and Sterling’s practicality, the rest of us were unwilling to kill what were basically helpless families. Not that I would be too quick to trust a goblin, they are trying to survive and keep their own. Family is like that.)

Thus, we took them all, and some of the littlest rode with me upon the Stunning Sorceress’ steed, and I regaled them with lullabies of battle and victory as I surveyed the lands for danger on our way to our keep.

After they were settled within the village, and given instruction on repairs and cleanliness, we left to rejoin Sterling the Strong and Piotyr the Pious in the quest for a Carpenter and the meeting of Golshan. One was attained with worrisome ease, while the other offered a tantalizing quest…

… and so ends the tale. Until next time!



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