Heirs to the Silver General

Little Village on the Plains

I guess we should be thankful that the village was still in relatively good shape, but it also had the drawback of attracting some unwanted guests. At least beastmen aren’t exactly known for farming, so the grasses and crops left to seed were tall enough to help give us some cover on our approach.

It must have been a while since any soldiers had been near, as there was only one lone sentry, who was easily dispatched without raising an alarm. We quickly dispatched another napping beast, and moved on to the next building, where we surprised a few more beasts, and then barricaded the door while we examined the structure. unfortunately we attracted the attention of what we assume was the chieftain and shaman of their tribe. The shaman cast some vile curse upon us, but it did not help him, as an arrow though the eye dispatched him fast.

We managed to take down another few beast from above, before the chief broke down the door. Thankfully Piotyr and Marit were downstairs, and held the rear while the rest of us joined the fray. The fight went well, and though the chief was strong, we had the advantage of training together.

Like many villages on the frontier, the homes are sturdy, built of stone, and fortified main floors, and though filthy with the presence of the beasts, once cleaned out they will make excellent places to stay while the keep is rebuilt. Though they will need a LOT of work.



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